Soulages at the Centre Pompidou

7 june to 5 november 2017


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Centre Pompidou has lined up an innovative exhibition- and event-packed programme across France for the whole of 2017. The Musée Soulages, one of the biggest provincial museums (170,000 visitors in 2016) has teamed up with this anniversary to showcase within its permanent collections nine of Pierre Soulages’ major works, on loan from the Centre Pompidou.

The Centre Pompidou boasts one of the world’s biggest modern and contemporary art collections with over 120,000 works. An exceptional set of paintings by Pierre Soulages is on display as stand-out works from this collection. The works spanning from 1948 to 2002 are a reflection of Pierre Soulages’ evolution and pictorial quest. This is made particularly apparent in his rare tar paintings prior to the 104 stain-glassed windows created for the Conques Abbey church.

It is the first time these fragile works will be leaving the Centre Pompidou. Several “Outrenoirs” (Ultrablack or Beyond black) will also be included.

The Soulages’ of the Centre Pompidou form their own exhibition amongst the permanent collections of the Musée de Rodez thereby completing them. The 9 works will be split up between the paintings room, the Conques room and the room of paintings on paper.


Past Exhibitions

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